The Servant Marketer

Debbie Heiser | Developing Foresight

February 08, 2023 Jenny Petty Season 2 Episode 27
The Servant Marketer
Debbie Heiser | Developing Foresight
Show Notes

Not only is foresight important when projecting outcomes, but it’s critical to perceiving relationships and habits. By taking lessons from the past to heart, servant leaders can identify unsettling patterns in the present to help sculpt a brighter future.

Debbie Heiser, creator and founder of Lead Your Life With Debbie Heiser, shares why she believes foresight is one of the most important characteristics in servant leadership.      

Join us as we discuss:

  • Naturally trusting your instincts and that “gut feeling” (4:07) 
  • The Theory U behavior modification model and its impact (15:12)
  • Why self-martyrdom conflicts with empowerment (26:26) 

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